Dennis’ teaching and facilitation weave together the psychological and spiritual. He is committed to supporting each individual’s awakening to the innate wholeness and completeness of their essential selves. He threads together multiple psychological traditions, with the wisdom of non-dualism, yogic, Buddhist, and Taoist paths.

The roots words of both “psychology” and “spirituality” share the same meaning: breath, life force and consciousness. It is Dennis’ personal and professional experience that when we tap into this underlying unity and interconnectedness we find all that we’re seeking. We not only experience happiness, contentment and thriving, we also come to live from a place that is peaceful and still regardless of the waves happening around us.

While the outcome may be similar, each person’s journey and path is different. Dennis aims to meet and serve each individual exactly where they are. His classes, groups and workshops are accessible to people of all backgrounds.

In all of Dennis’ offerings, there is a strong emphasis on community and coming together. People come to these events not only to nourish their own path of awakening, but also to support and be supported by others. The importance of relationships is essential not only for our individual health but also the health of our communities and planet.

For more information on these regular classes, as well as special offering please contact Dennis